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Data-Powered Information, for every Real-Estate Decision

Data-Assisted Decision Making

Real estate decision-making is evolving, and the tools of yesterday are no longer sufficient. Quanthome offers a state-of-the-art quantitative data platform that parallels the innovation and intricacy seen in groundbreaking AI projects.


Drawing from vast public data sources, the platform uses advanced artificial intelligence models, data analytics and statistics to deliver granular comparisons of all real estate assets.


From ESG considerations to intricate financial analyses, demographic dynamics, and more, Quanthome ensures that every decision is deeply informed and meticulously calibrated to investor goals.


Quanthome offers a panel of ESG data for all assets, assessing challenges and risks according to standards established by consultants and the academic world. 

Supercharged by AI & ML

Quanthome's advanced artificial intelligence algorithms turn data into optimized real estate investment strategies, offering comprehensive analysis and clear insights.


By providing comprehensive data, Quanthome enables managers and executives to benchmark competitors and their strategies, always staying one step ahead.


Quanthome streamlines complex data points into actionable recommendations, giving insurers and risk managers clear information about the risk exposure.

Real Estate

By offering an initial overview of a property, Quanthome enables buyers to act quickly and save precious time. Investors take advantage of information even before the expert's appraisal.


Quanthome revolutionizes real estate analysis by harnessing AI-driven insights, enabling unparalleled precision

in asset comparison, from ESG to financials metrics.


With Quanthome, analyzing real estate financial assets has never been easier. Standardized data, delivered in real time, speeds up and enriches asset managers' portfolios and their clients.

Research & Education

Partnering with universities, Quanthome offers the a new source of data, opening the door to studies ranging from impact investment to the architecture of tomorrow.

Making Data Accessible, 
Real Estate

At Quanthome, we believe that knowledge is transformative. In our pursuit of democratizing information, we're pioneering a new wave in real estate investment by making intricate data accessible to everyone.

Quanthome plays a pivotal role in enhancing tenant well-being, ensuring lucrative returns for investors, and heralding a sustainable future. By deeply benchmarking emissions and consumption, we enable investors to move towards responsible investment.


When greenwashing and misinformation cloud judgment, Quanthome stands as a beacon of trust. By offering clarity and combating fraud, we're setting a gold standard for sustainability, honest representation and ethical engagement.

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