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Pioneering research on independent ESG scoring

In partnership with the Center for Risk Management Lausanne (CRML) and the Centre d'expertise sur les extrêmes climatiques (ECCE), Quanthome is developing objective and independent methods for assessing the risks associated with property investments, for the safety of tenants and investors. 

By partnering with Quanthome as a data provider, the Centre for Risk Management Lausanne of HEC Lausanne and the University of Lausanne now have the opportunity to be totally independent in their rating methods.

PRESS Scores

PRESS scores include measures of all three ESG dimensions. The overall profile of each fund portfolio is based on the average of the Environment, Social and Governance sub-scores. For each pillar, a series of elements are taken into account. The scores range from 0 to 10.

  • Minergie: Proportion of buildings with Minergie labels

  • Board gender: Gender representation within the board of directors

  • International treaties: Number of ratified international treaties

  • Sustainability reporting: Presence of an independent sustainability report and dedicated sustainability webpage

  • G textual analysis: Analysis of governance-related keywords in annual report


  • Accessibility: Count of services within a 10-minute walking radius

  • Rental pricing: Building average rental price compared to locality average rental price (CHF/m²)

  • Outdoor noise pollution: Traffic and train noise exposure (dB)

  • New residents: Building new resident share compared to that of the locality

  • Rental advertisement: Count of new rental advertisements in the building compared to the locality

  • S textual analysis: Analysis of social-related keywords in annual report


  • Energy intensity: Energy consumption (in kwh/m²)

  • CO2 intensity: Greenhouse gas emissions (in kg/m²)

  • E textual analysis: Analysis of environmental-related keywords in annual report


By offering the most intuitive and comprehensive investment platform for analysing real estate data, Quanthome gives to everyone the power of data science.


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