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Reversing asymmetric information in just a few seconds

By offering the most intuitive and comprehensive platform for analysing real estate data, Quanthome gives to everyone the power of data science. Our cutting-edge algorithms extrapolate and verify data, enabling users to turn the tables on market knowledge.


At Quanthome, we believe in the power of bigdata. We trained our machine learning algorithms on large public data sources.

Quanthome platform, connecting the SIX Swiss Exchange to the data bases, allows analysis with unprecedented depth.

Real time
market data

We train our algorithms on billions of data points, automatically detecting anomalies and extrapolating missing data.

Billions of datapoints

We train our models on large open source databases. We develop

algorithms to extrapolate missing values and correct errors.

Large open sources

Whether you are a fund optimising its portfolio or an institutional investor diversifying its positions, Quanthome covers all the assets in which you may be interested. 

Unparalleled coverage


Our data engineers develop proprietary models, valuating, estimating and forecasting millions of assets across Switzerland.

Our cutting-edge agorithms are trained on public data. They are regularly updated to stay at the cutting edge of the industry.

Powerful machine learning

Analising thousands of reports, our algorithms aggregate scattered data and enable our clients to achieve a unique view on the market.

Advanced financial reporting

In partnership with the University of Lausanne, we develop models to assess risks and emissions for every assets, based on recognized standards.

Robust ESG modelisation

We have developed a proprietary model that analyses the market and automatically values every property in Switzerland.

Automated valuation modeling


At Quanthome, we believe in the power of bigdata. We trained our machine learning algorithms on large public data sources.

Offering a panel of ESG data for all assets, assessing challenges and risks according to standards established by the industry and the academic world.

ESG analysis

Streamlining complex data points into actionable recommendations, giving insurers and risk managers clear information about the risk exposure.

Risk assessment

By offering a precise initial overview of a property, Quanthome enables buyers to act quickly and save precious time.

Real Estate Acquisition

By providing exhaustive data, Quanthome enables managers and executives to benchmark competitors and their strategies, always staying one step ahead.

Competitive benchmarking

Setting industry standards using AI-enriched data. Our approach ensures unparalleled precision for every building in Switzerland.

Asset management

Analysing real estate financial assets has never been easier. In real time standardised data speeds up and enriches asset managers' portfolio allocation.

Indirect real estate investment


At Quanthome, we think that privacy is essential. That's why we don't use nor display private information.

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