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About us

Born in 2021 from the need to adapt real estate investment decisions to the data-centric era, we are a team of young data scientists, devs and engineers all based in Lausanne, Switzerland. We take a fresh look at real estate from a financial perspective.


At Quanthome, we recognise the importance of knowledge. Our goal is to reduce information asymetry for investor and democratise access to complex data.

Quanthome’s role is to contribute to the improvement of tenant well-being, while aiming for attractive returns for investors, with a sustainable perspective in mind.

In the face of challenges posed by greenwashing and misinformation, we are committed to offering clarity and combating fraud, working towards high standards in sustainability, honest representation, and ethical engagement.

We encourage our teams to continue learning throughout their careers, by maintaining links with universities. We promote personal well-being by introducing flexible working hours, the four-day week and "work from wherever you want".


At Quanthome, we respect your privacy. We do not process the personal data of our customers or individuals. We do not access the land register and protect the identities of individuals.


Our training data is acquired independently. The algorithms and interfaces are developed in-house by our teams, all in Switzerland. Our servers are hosted in Switzerland.


We regularly recruit new faces. Open vacancies are available on our LinkedIn page, but don't hesitate to contact us for unsolicited applications.

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